Yoga classes in Worcester

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Positive benefits

​Detach yourself from your everyday routines and concerns.  Allow yourself the chance to concentrate on what you can do, not on the things you can't..

Enjoy 20% discount

Each time you join for the full term (usually 12-14 weeks) you will receive 20% discount

Gentle and effective

​My Yoga classes in Worcester are for people of all ages - it's never too late for you to enjoy the benefits of yoga. It can help you to relax, de-stress and  improve flexibility as well as improve your  fitness

Yoga classes in Worcester for people all ages

90 minute classes

Ample time for breathing exercises, yoga movements and relaxation.

Why not try a class?

You can pay for a single class with no obligation to join for the entire course. 

Yoga Classes in Worcester

Pranayama Yoga knows no regime and is essentially informal. There is minimal organisation, it is passed on from teacher to pupil. No change needs to be made to a person's personality and there can be no conflict with his religion, if any.

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You can achieve

​Because my yoga has no dogma, makes no impossible demands or unrealistic claims. It can be accepted by anyone who wishes to follow it.