My Monday night Yoga class sets me up for the week! 

Ann, Worcester

It's like getting off the day-to-day treadmill, looking at myself in a different way, helping me know when and how I need to relax.

Carys, Worcester

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I found  Matt's classes very relaxing, particularly after a stressful day at work. Over the course my poor flexibility improved and I also felt more positive in general. 

Simon, Worcester

Me and Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama Yoga really helps my posture. I seem to feel taller and straighter after each class . 

Annie, Worcester

Client Testimonials

Pranayama Yoga is for the body, the mind and the spirit. It’s about relaxation, flexibility and improving circulation. Pranayama is an ancient form of yoga to help us through life today. 
A yoga where East meets West. Pranayama can help to eliminate mind and body tension and increase well-being. This type of yoga is suitable for people of all ages, both beginners and those who are more advanced. My loweyoga yoga classes in Worcester include relaxation techniques, calming breathing exercises and physical movements.

New possibilities

Pranayama Yoga is not a new fashionable yoga or an 'exercise fad' that's here today and gone tomorrow. Often these ‘fads’ aim to change real Yogic ideas, philosophies and movements and make them more ‘acceptable’ to what we feel like doing at a particular time. We often forget that diluting ancient effective things to make them more palatable to our modern tastes diminishes their effectiveness. Changing things to suit how we feel now, won’t actually change or help us. Are we just fooling ourselves? Often with fitness and exercise we don’t get instant results, or we don’t achieve the changes we imagined. We then start to resent what we are doing.  We still want our lives and health to improve though, so we search for yet another new style of yoga or fitness regime and start again, this search may be ultimately fruitless.

Pranayama yoga does not make any unrealistic claims. It will help you to relax, stretch, become more flexible and understand your body better. You will find you start listening to your own body. It may make you stronger, give you more energy and tone you up. Ultimately it may help you to achieve physical and mental aims you are hoping for by opening your mind, body and spirit to new possibilities, improving your circulation and helping the body to repair itself.

Yoga classes in Worcester for people all ages

A little more about me

I'm Matthew Lowe and I have lived in Worcester since 2000. I've travelled extensively, living abroad for many years, most of that time I spent in Japan. As well as teaching Pranayama Yoga – I run corporate and private English and Japanese language classes. 

I have always had an interest in movement, fitness and dance. Through my travels, I developed a strong interest in other societies, cultures and religions and their way of looking at the world. I have been practicing Yoga for many years and founded loweyoga in 2006. I was trained in Pranayama Yoga by the Senior Teachers in my Yoga Group. We work alongside, ‘The Lotus and The Rose Foundation’, which promotes Pranayama Yoga in Britain today. Our group of six yoga teachers meet regularly to receive on-going training and study in more advanced aspects of Pranayama Yoga.

Pranayama Yoga – where it started

Pranayama Yoga arrived in England in 1959, brought here by Yogini Sunita from India but its roots are far older. The origins of all forms of Yoga date from somewhere around 4000BC. It is believed that Central Asian tribes created Yoga-like movements and philosophies in South-central Asia about 6000 years ago, and from there they spread down through the Sub-continent and gradually developed into the many schools of Yoga we know today.

This particular form of Yoga was  developed from its classical roots and then adapted to create a Yoga where East meets West. It is suitable for all nationalities and all abilities, and yet is still an effective traditional yoga. It is accessible to people, no matter what their job, status or fitness level. Pranayama yoga is non-competitive, non-religious and non-political; it does not follow any sect. It is open-minded and unfettered by dogma. It is a form of Yoga that can be practiced and enjoyed in your normal daily life.